Happy 352nd Birthday Royal Marines

To celebrate the birthday of the Royal Marines, I’ve compiled a WOD that will inject tears into the eye of those who even look at it.

GQ Magazine visit
Ross Edgley and I racing each other around Lympstone’s Bottom Field

The Marines were formed in 1664 and became a Commando regiment in the second world war, developing the training techniques that are still considered cutting edge today.

Regular army regiments would get fit by doing star jumps on parade grounds, but the commando’s simulated battle by building assault courses, crawling through mud and flooded tunnels, and scaling ropes.

The kind of functional training that’s now becoming ‘cool’ in the wake of Tough Mudder and the Spartan race.

Before you get started, this isn’t a regular Crossfit WOD. Kipping isn’t allowed in Lympstone!

Rather, a VERY strict form of “UP, two three,  DOWN, two three” is the Royal Marine Commando way.

Screenshot 2016-10-28 13.47.09.png

Give it a try, and tweet your times @cstrapped, or post them in the comment section.

Remember, it’s a state of mind and you may already have it 😉

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