Why I set targets, and stick to them

I don’t even use the phrase “never skip leg day” because it’s pretty inconceivable.

Screenshot 2017-05-23 14.25.35.png

They’re the base on which your body stands, and moves. They need nurtured as much if not more than any other body part.

The Gluteus Maximus – your ass – is also the largest, and sexiest muscle you posses. WORK IT… just like this.

Screenshot 2016-10-31 13.27.37.png

Like the Royal Marines “State of Mind” that I’ll be explaining next week after I visit the Commando Training Centre, it’s important to set realistic targets, and meet them.

I approach heavy squats with this in mind. Rather than saying I’ll do so many sets of as many reps, though I do, I’ll include a heavy target and work till I reach it.

This rewards your mental grit with success. YOU MADE IT, you got what you wanted to achieve.

Over time you’ll create a habbit of reaching your goals so when the going gets tough, you’ll not even think  about the tough not getting going… Is that poor English?


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