Everyone needs Pyramid workouts

A Pyramid workout challenges you’re co-ordination during fatigue, boots muscular endurance, and not so gently pushes you to the brink.

Here’s a Yogi using the same format to work on her shoulder strength with press ups.

But since we’re looking at all round functional strength and conditioning, each round will hold three exercises, which we’ll repeat 9 times, going from 1 rep in the first round, up to 5 by the 5th, and back to 1 by the 9th.

Screenshot 2016-10-18 14.08.25.png

Starting small and progressively demanding more of your body during the workout puts greater stress on your ability to carry out the movements, especially complex moves like the snatch.

Mental toughness is at the epicentre of this WOD. We’re calling on your mind and body to sync up like this under intense fatigue. Don’t believe me? Lets talk when you get to round four.

Concentrate on completing the workout and maintaining perfect form. Try to over-ride your breathlessness and muscle ache with this goal in mind.

Coming into the final stretch as the reps-per-set decrease, draw strength after each round knowing you’ve fewer reps to complete than the last.

Building up competence with this style of workout will give you confidence and mental strength to take on even more challenging ‘brink pushing activities’… Climb Everest or something. 😉

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