Death by plyometrics

I’ve really enjoyed staying in an AirBnB on Bull Island on the coast of Dublin Bay over the last three days.

Surrounded by natural resources to get a ‘creative pump’ on, I took myself out running to see what I could find.

Dollymount beach is just half a mile up the road and as I past the lunatics having their morning swim in the freezing Irish Sea, I decided to work on my speed and agility.

This is something pump lovers like me often neglect. Your muscles have two types of muscle fibres. Slow twitch and fast twitch.

Heavy squats and 1 Rep Max’s are only developing slow twitch fibres, and what’s Chin Strapped’s goal? Be an ANIMAL at everything!

That’s why Mo Farah is skinny, and Usain Bolt is muscular. They’re training different muscle fibres for different activities.

So here’s a great way to train up your fast twitch fibres to keep you light and quick on your feet, while still squatting three times your body weight with those slow twitch fibres!

When a muscle is stretched before an action, it can complete a more powerful contraction. It’s called PLYOMETRIC training. Explosive, fast movements that leave you disabled for days after. They’re CLASS!

FOR TIME (Circuit);

Box Jumps

Press Ups

Reps each set: 20-15-10-5

100m sprint between each set

After that, just to top it all up I did 5 rounds of 10…

Sit ups

Leg raises

Scissor kicks

Bicycle kicks

And to finish I had a dip in the sea to feel better about the fact I was shit scared of the cold, while an 80 year old pensioner was on her back leisurely paddling around.

I lasted five minutes…

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