Skydiving school | Why I’m on the hunt for adrenalin

This week I’ve been filling up on more of the hearty pumping drug than most get in a year.


Adrenaline: Glowing Star on Apple iOS 10.3Glowing Star on Apple iOS 10.3Glowing Star on Apple iOS 10.3Glowing Star on Apple iOS 10.3

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A mate of mine once said “do one thing every day that scares you.” Not just to challenge yourself regularly but to live, experience… push the boundaries. 

There are of course limitations. We can’t be expected to jump out of planes or wrestle lions everyday. The latter would be pretty stupid of course.

But there’s validity to the argument that overcoming daily fear is a character building habit like no other. img_0812

That doesn’t mean go jumping off bridges (without a parachute or bungee rope). 

Of course, the difference between courage and stupidity is blurred among adrenalin junkies. I climbed a tree last week. Some call that stupidity, I call it a solid set of 10 + pull ups. 

I’ve never been risk averse but looking through my life experiences to date, I just don’t see many CRAZY stunts, though to a layman I may have done alright. 

Like some people – including myself – get their yearly dose of vitamin D in one go, I’ve just stocked up on all the adrenaline I need to get me through 2017, not that I’ll stop at that ;). 


Overcoming fear

Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady to the then US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

She’s the one quoted as saying “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

It might only be presenting an idea in front of a large audience, or just making a bold dash for the train as the doors are closing. 

I’ve friends who are unnerved by certain gym classes. The lesson I’m getting at here is BACK YOURSELF. 

Once you learn to take control, and have confidence in your own ability, the sky is the limit (pun intended).

Overcoming fear is something we all face. By doing it regularly you’ll learn to take it as it comes and relax.

If I can reach 13,000ft and jump out that door, I’ve no excuses when faced with a big fitness competition, a job interview or even an awkward confrontation with a colleague.

Learn to control, if not love, the feeling of fear. Sure it reminds us the important bits are in fine working order.

Now I’m away to get a pump on ;).


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