Meet Ross, who did a triathlon carrying a tree

Ross Edgley has made a name for himself doing silly things like running 1000 miles barefoot.

Apparently that was a challenge that even had legendary adventurer Bear Grylls laughing.

I met Ross on a media day at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, where he told me what he was planning;

To do an Olympic triathlon in the Caribbean with a 100 lbs tree on his back.

In the Queens English that’s 45kgs and whatever way you put it, when you’ve to swim 1.5k, cycle 40k and run a 10K with it strapped to your back, that’s going to cause some serious DOMS.

He took himself to the Island of Nevis, which is leading the way in green energy becoming the FIRST island to go completely carbon neutral.

What better way to mark it that dragging a piece of nature through clear seas, and carrying it over land on wheels and foot?

It was all “to bring global attention to the island’s pioneering advancements in green energy as they look to become the world’s first carbon neutral island.”

Well he certainly got the attention of Chin Strapped!

A true lad – I last saw him at the end of a knackering day in Lympstone

Image 8.jpgLY160090098.jpg

GQ Magazine visit

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