Fitness cheat 101 – Grip

We’re not a fan of cheaters at Chin Strapped and certainly don’t want to encourage short cuts. It’ll do you no good.

Nevertheless it’s important to identify the crucial skills and strengths that are integral to most exercises. Work on those, and your weaker routines should get easier.

And cue.. the latest in a long list of muscle groups traditionally ignored by the dickhead doing his 6th arm session this week.

Like calves, core and quite often legs, forearm muscles and grip strength are often neglected in favour of ‘mirror muscles’ like shoulders… and guns! But this can cause huge weaknesses elsewhere in your training.

Writing in the Tabata Times,  Jon Matzner says;

“You can get away with a lot of inefficiencies if you’ve got a strong grip. Do more farmers’ carries.”

A Chin Strapped source in the British Special Forces put this into context explaining “the very concepts of functional fitness boil down to the simplest checklist. Can you climb over a wall, can you pick something up, can you get yourself from point A to point B… and so on.” Real caveman stuff.

Grip is essential to hold on to things… 😉 … so any functional training program requires a strong grip to carry out the kind of activities that come naturally to the human body. climbing, lifting, running, jumping etc.

Fire this quick circuit to the end of your workout twice a week, and tell us on Twitter what difference it makes to your weaker exercises.

The Workout;

Farmers walk – 25m – 5 rounds, each starting every 30 secs

Dead hang – 6 rounds of 30 secs… 25, 20, 15, 10, 5.

So if you’re able to grip onto something, it takes the pressure off other working muscles that can get on with shifting the load. Not a shortcut, but a tactic!

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