Daily WOD – Monday 13th

While hiking yesterday in Tring, Hertforshire, the muscles on the soles of my feet and my Gastrocnemius at the front of my calves were on fire after about three hours, and eight miles.

This is pretty normal and I get it a lot while out racking up the miles.

But given the demands, low gradient hills, paths the entire way… I was a little surprised my feet were giving me this much feedback. And as usual, weaknesses are met with corrective measures 😉

So here’s a WOD to bring it all up to scratch. I’ll do this twice a week for the next month, then get back to you.

5 rounds for time:

50 Double Unders

50 side to side step jumps

50 single leg standing jumps (each side)

100 metre sprint

Each exercise combined, demands more of the balancing muscles in the feet and calves, while fluctuating the heart rate, challenging your mental coordination and burning fat.

By raising the heart and breathing rate during the double unders, you’re tired mind will be numbed and it’ll take more effort to concentrate on coordination and balance with the step jumps and standing jumps, before we smash the heart rate back up with the sprint. All the while activating every muscle below the knee.

This conditions your mental stability under fatigue, muscular strength and endurance in those balancing muscles I struggled with last weekend, and energy systems to react to changing demands.

img_0207 img_0206  img_0208img_0197


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