Exertion vs Depression

A report today found that over a third of teenage women display symptoms of anxiety or depression.

The study investigated the mental well-being of 30,000 teenagers in Britain and found, among other things, girls are twice as likely to experience anxiety or depression.

This points towards a severe “epidemic” as the Times is calling it, in teenage self-esteem. And though the angle in today’s press is that girls are more susceptible, I’m more concerned with the astonishing numbers of kids who feel they’re not good enough.

You may argue exam stress plays a part and I agree. Chin Strapped believes in a more creative and dynamic education system.

But in a chat with a researcher of education at the University of Ulster, we agreed the fact that more girls suffer, suggests the main catalysts are;

  1. Body image
  2. Boys (rejection, nerves etc.)

And as you’d imagine, I have the solution.

Cross-training and Gym work as a sport in schools

Sport is great for young and old. It instills values, discipline, and develops cognitive abilities.

Cross- training, however you brand it (CrossFit, Bartendaz etc), provides a good resolve for the above ‘problems.’

Myth buster number one – “lifting weights below the age of 16 will result in death” was just an annoying wives tale my dad used to say to my brother and I. Ignore it.

In reality, injuries are caused by overloading weight or improper technique when kids lift, according to Mens Health advisor Michael Meija.

Body image is one issue few cross-trainers have, because the goal of beach body is left spluttering in the wake of achieving fitness goals (PB’s, new records etc).

Not only would it replace the desire to look a certain way with the desire to go faster and harder, but the body would become the best it can be by achieving these goals. Just check out my imaginary girlfriend;

Brooke Ence: CrossFit athlete | @brookeence

No body image issues there I’d say.

The ‘boys’ matter becomes much less concerning now. Having been a teenage boy, and some would argue I still am, the ora oozing from a strong girl who knows what she wants, tackles whatever is thrown at her, and is in this kind of shape beggars belief.

Aside from research showing those in greater physical condition are in a better cognitive state, being a CrossFitter in teenage years tackles some of the biggest issues during teenage years like confidence and career goals.

It instills the value that you can achieve what ever you want to, even when you’re Chin Strapped.

It detracts you from the vain, inward looking society we’ve created for young people, and it could knock a dent in the 33% of young women and 25% of young men who are obese in Britain.


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