How to boost testosterone | Reuben McIlrath PT

You’re probably thinking, this is something I learnt when I was 11 going through adolescence. But how often have you heard the word ‘Anabolic’?

It simply means growth. So don’t be scared off by that buzzword in the anti-doping industry, “Anabolic Steroids.”

‘Anabolic Hormones,’ are essential for the body to grow, and an even more essential factor for achieving significant muscular hypertrophy.

The main anabolic hormone concerned with hypertrophy is Testosterone, hence why males are generally more muscular that females.

Without the necessary quantity of growth or anabolic hormone release, hypertrophy will be severely limited.

When a muscle is stressed and the fibres break down, as I explained in the “Training section”, the endocrine system is stimulated to release these anabolic hormones such as testosterone, and the levels released severely affect muscle growth.


Think again. And if you’ve read my previous articles, you’ll be no stranger to… COMPOUND MOVEMENTS!

And as you’ve read earlier, I’m a great advocate for compounds. These are movements that require several, large muscle groups to work at once, the main four being, squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. All of these exercises provide a large stimulation to the endocrine system and cause large-scale release of anabolic hormones; much more so than an isolation exercise like the bicep curl. It’s really as simple as that!

I’m not saying don’t do these exercises, but to really increase your output of anabolic hormones, Prioritise your compounds!

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