A Cardio session you may actually enjoy

I entered the gym this morning rather lethargic, not the best feeling to promote a good cardio day. As if I was going to back down though.

A cup of coffee before I left the house helped get my body and mind into a ‘working mood’ and after my R.A.M.P. warm up I was up for a challenge.

CARDIO is the macho mans nightmare, so many friends tell me they “simply don’t enjoy it.” Fair enough, if you’re pumping Iron because you enjoy it, GREAT. Isn’t that what sport’s all about?

What if there was a way to walk into the changing rooms looking at pumping veins and bulging muscles after a cardio session, just like you get when you’ve been smashing out the heavy sets. Might make it a little easier to get motivated for?

Here is this mornings killer workout that had me in and out of the gym in 30 minutes flat, it doesn’t even take up that much of your day ;).


• 5 – Pull-ups
• 10 – Push Ups
• 15 – Squats
• Plank for the remainder of the minute.

This isn’t a heavy muscle workout, but it still has your muscles straining, your heart pumping, and your lungs gasping. Everything you need!

Combined, you get a full body workout each and every minute for the duration of your visit to the gym.


Back, Biceps, Shoulders and Core.


Chest, Triceps and Shoulders.


Hamstring, Quads, Lower Back and Core.


Just to keep the tension in every single muscle ;).

I didn’t say it was going to be easy, but try this to see if you can enjoy your cardio days a bit more than spending half an hour on the treadmill.

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  1. fitnessgrad says:

    I like the workout that you came up with, definitely a great fit and will do wonders! good stuff! Especially the pull ups (being they are an important exercise) and the plank definitely hurts but does a great job strengthening the core 🙂



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