Who needs weights?… Within reason

CrossFit – Forging elite athletes, or so they say.  And it’s time to see what’s what.It’s a way of integrating cardio vascular training with full body muscular stimulation. And I’m going to incorporate this intense endurance training technique into my regime and present the results over the next few months.
Mainly using lighter weights and higher reps, CrossFit boasts some of the biggest names in sport including All-Blacks props, the Franks Brothers. So it’s not ALL about who can bench the most.

The idea is to stimulate every muscle in the body, while promoting cardio hypotrophy (increasing the size of the heart), vital for getting a good flow of blood and oxygen to the working muscles.

I came up with this exclusively bodyweight workout that utilises maximum value for money, and takes minimum time out of your day. You may want to be a pro, but we don’t all have the funds enjoyed by those at the pinnacle of the sporting world.

Four rounds;

Press Ups                  – 30 Secs

Squats                     – 30 Secs

Plank Side Steps     – 30 Secs

Pull Ups                   – Failure

Disclaimer – Not even elite athletes can get away without warming up; try following the R.A.M.P protocol I posted in the ‘Injury Prevention’ article before you dive into this workout.


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